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Carport is a structural material consisting of a frame across which a covering is fixed to provide shade for a vehicle which is parked beneath it such as:

» Trailers
» Boats
» Vans
» Cars

In general, it can provide protection from the elements such as rain, hail and heat of the sun. It is also affordable and you can have savings since the price is only a fraction needed to build a garage.
The earliest account of a carport home was in a Usonian House of Herbert Jacobs in Madison, Wisconsin. And the term "carport" was first coined when the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright begun using the carport for the "Usonian" homes. Like any ordinary home, the Usonian homes, then were small, single story dwellings without garage or much storage. And typically, the homes had flat roofsand large cantilevered overhangs for passive protection of vehicles. Because of the overhangs, then called "Carport, Jacob's car had survived all winter, even when the weather reached far below zero. Hence, the necessity for a garage or even a barn to act as a shelter was important to Jacob.

These days, there are various types of carports. Among the types are: wood carport, mainly used for artistic purpose and the metal carport used for storing or protecting vehicles. They are the best alternative for a garage for these reasons:

» Provide more ventilation
» Occupy less space
» Readily expandable
» Lesser cost
» Effortlessly Assembled
» Easily maintained
» Neat
» Durable

Moreover, there are various kinds of coverings needed for carport construction. These could be:

» Shade cloth or shade net commonly called as shade ports
» Fiberglass either translucent or opaque corrugated
» Long span steel sheeting of chromadek

Others are

» Aluminum
» Zincalume
» Polycarbonate
» Colourbond

These carport cover materials are so designed to be colour fast. Thus, it will not fade over time. Further more, well known companies and manufacturers have produced quality carports in order to meet the increasing demand. The following are few good listing of Carport manufacturers:

» American Steel Carports, Incorporated
They provide utmost excellence in the construction of carports as their carports are carefully constructed. Aside from that, the materials they use are metals that are commercially baked and finished, ensuring years of low maintenance. They also give a choice of anchors for their metal carport kits at an additional cost. They have standard temporary pin anchors and stronger anchors needed in areas that have relatively fierce winds. Additionally, they have:

» Open Metal Carport Kits
These offer a number of uses and feature simple design. Actually if the carports are installed with walls, they can act as a garage. They can be used as a shelter for boats as well.

» Partial Enclosed Carports These are best for storing vehicles like
» Trucks
» Trailers
» Pickups

This design has a service room usually at the back for tools and other optional accessories.
» Eagle Carports, Incorporated
They offer a vast selection of standard design carports which are suitable for most customers and they also create custom designed carports. Their carports have two primary roof designs such as:

» Standard Rolled Corner
» A-Frame with a Boxed Eave Also, they offer additional panels for the side of the carport which keeps out blowing rain. Additional gable ends for strength and for a much nicer curb appeal also are available.
» Texas carport distributor Shade
They provide excellent quality, custom-built carport protection at affordable prices. Their carports are well engineered and designed so as to meet all local wind and snow load requirements. And also, their carports are very durable because of the superior materials which they are made of:

» 50,000 psi decking
» stiffened Purlin materials

Aside from this, they used Lap Loc Seal technology for their 26-30 galvanized roofs decking to keep the water out. Other Carport Manufacturers:

» Coast To Coast
» Keltylist end
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